As announced in mid-April, a new racing calendar follows according to the current state of information. A lot has happened since the last update and therefore we may be approaching a feasible scenario.

The year 2020 is definitely one of the most difficult times. The problem of the corona has a huge influence on our entire life and above all, on how we get to spend our free time. The past few weeks and months have proven, that there are more important things, as a weekend of chasing a best time on a taped race track. The strain, caused by Corona, on the racing series we provide is unmistakable. The main priority is currently to bring the social and economic system closer to a state prior the crisis, but some areas - especially the leisure sector - continue to be viewed critically.

Of course we were in constant exchange with the local event organizers within the last weeks to debate whether any race events are possible or not this season. Difficulties of planning are based on the different political regulations in the countries and the uncertain development of the guidelines. Even now it´s not yet possible to predict with total certainty what the near future will be like. This uncertainty is an extremely big obstacle for many event organizers. Ultimately it´s almost impossible to risk expenses by the event managers that might not be refunded by an actual event taking place. You have to keep in mind that a downhill race can hardly be planned and organised with a financial excess. Therefore, it´s safer for some event organizers to cancel a race straight away, than risking expenses that might lead to their financial ruin.

Nevertheless, we love our sport and would be over the moon to be able to hold a few races this year. This is an attempt of ours, based on the current state of information, to issue a calendar that can be carried out. However, we have to explicitly point out that also this plan can still change a little. In the future we will update the website immediately, in case of cancellations, postponements or changes becoming official. Below you will find the race calendar that appears to be possible at the moment:

22.-23.08.20 Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup Steinach (GER)
28.-30.08.20 iXS European Downhill Cup Brandnertal (AUT)
04.-06.09.20 iXS Downhill Cup Ilmenau (GER)
12.-13.09.20 Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup Schöneck (GER)
18.-20.09.20 iXS Downhill Cup Winterberg (GER)
25.-27.09.20 iXS European Downhill Cup Maribor (SLO)
02.-04.10.20 iXS Downhill Cup Willingen (GER)

Update 04.06; Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup in Schöneck (GER) 12-03.9.2020 is canceled

After publishing a scenario of the possible calendar with the few remaining races, we would like to briefly explain the general conditions for those events.

The race calendar, which was set up according to the current state of knowledge, no longer includes many events. It is also still uncertain whether the rest of the season can take place in this way, but hope is still existing and so we would like to explain the framework conditions for the present scenario. Obviously, adjustments need to be made in all possible places, from the registration procedure to the overall rating,

We are grateful that there might still be a possibility to carry out races this year and therefore we do appreciate the efforts of all the organizers very much. Unfortunately, for some organizers there was no chance at all to run a race this season, for others the conditions were very difficult or extremely uncertain and luckily with a few others it still seems possible. Basically, we would like to say that the time of crisis has to be overcome somehow and we think, the possibility of experience some normality within the race events is positive. But the most important thing for the sport is that in the aftermath there will still organizers left, able to carry out events in the future!

The currently published racing calendar consists of two races of the iXS European Downhill Cup, three races of the iXS Downhill Cup and another two of the Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup. The number alone makes it clear that it is difficult to speak of a racing series, but that does not seem to be the top premise in the current situation. This is the main reason why there will be no overall rating in 2020. On the other hand, the uncertainty and the possible different conditions are further reasons why we consider a fair series evaluation to be rather difficult.

Another process that has to be adjusted is the registration for the individual races. In principle, the online registration will not be opened until four weeks before the respective race. The maximum number of participants will be published on the organizer's bottom of the website. If, for any reason, a race has to be cancelled in advance, the already registered riders will receive an unsolicited refund of their entry fee.

We expect the races to take place under slightly altered conditions as usual, since the regulatory requirements must be complied with and the regulations to reduce the risk of infection are strictly implemented. Surely there will be a special information sheet of the respective local organizer and/or there will be more information on the website for each race. We would of course ask all those who take part in a race, or who may be present as companions or even spectators, to strictly follow the regulations, such as distance bids and wearing face masks.

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