The current global health crisis has turned normal life upside down and at the moment we feel it is important to react to the ever-changing situation accordingly. Unfortunately we have no other choice other than to base our decisions on the current circumstances and status quo. As of today, it‘s not possible to state with certainty if and when we will be able to host race events this year. However in our opinion, it makes sense to publish a new, provisional Race Calendar based on the knowledge we have now.

As recently published, we had to cancel or postpone all races until the end of June. We first started by reorganizing the big festivals to the latest possible dates in the year. This always has to happen in close exchange with the event organizers and consideration of the conditions and possibilities of the event location. As a result, all normal race events were shifted to to the limited free weekends left over. Unfortunately, some events had to be cancelled without an alternative date due to several reasons. In St Kassian, for example, the local authorities are prohibiting sports events for 2020. Additionally, the Rookies Cup in Winterberg had to be entirely cancelled as there is no prolonged weekend with a bank holiday available in order to host the event in the needed time frame. Lastly, there could be no alternative date proposed for Klinovec due to scheduling conflicts with the bike festival in Willingen as Willingen can only take place at a certain date. Thus after considering all possibilities, it was decided that it made more sense to cancel Klinovec based upon the existing and indefinite boarder closures of Czech Republic. The decision against the race in the popular Czech bike park was made in close communication with the local event manager. In the end a good solution could be found for the German national champs.

The following calendar is based upon the current state of knowledge to date and can change in the future. We will re-evaluate the situation at the end of May/beginning of June and adjust the calendar if necessary.


iXS European Downhill Cup

24.07.-26.07.20 iXS EDC #1 Pila Italy
14.08.-16.08.20 iXS EDC #2 Spicak Czech Republic
28.08.-30.08.20 iXS EDC #3 Brandnertal Austria
10.10.-11.10.20 iXS EDC #4 Maribor Slovenia


iXS Downhill Cup

10.07.-12.07.20 iXS DHC #1 Pamporovo Bulgaria
17.07.-19.07.20 iXS DHC #2 Semmering Austria
07.08.-09.08.20 iXS DHC #3 Bad Tabarz Germany
21.08.-23.08.20 iXS DHC #4 Willingen Germany
05.09.-06.09.20 iXS DHC #5 Ilmenau Germany
19.09.-20.09.20 iXS DHC #6 Winterberg Germany
25.09.-27.09.20 iXS DHC #7 Innsbruck Austria
02.10.-04.10.20 iXS DHC #8 Bellwald Switzerland


Specialized RockShox Rookies Cup

11.07.-12.07.20 Specialized RDC #1 Steinach Germany
31.07.-02.08.20 Specialized RDC #2 / IRC Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Austria
12.09.-13.09.20 Specialized RDC #3 Schöneck Germany


As usual, the registration for the single races will not be open eight weeks before the event, but will be open at a closer time distance to the actual date of the event. More information regarding this change will be released in the future.

The starting money for the three canceled races RDC Winterberg, RDC St. Kassian, RDC Saalbach and DHC Klinovec will be transferred to your bank account automatically. For the rescheduled races, the starting money is still valid and so is the registration. This applies to EDC Maribor, DHC Willingen, DHC Winterberg, DHC Ilmenau & RDC Schöneck.

We hope to be able to offer perspective with these new dates, even though racing might not be the most important thing in the world right now. Additionally, we want to point out that everyone's behavior has an impact on how long the current situation will last so please listen to your local authorities and respect the regulations that have been set in order to keep everyone safe. Stay fit, healthy and above all, stay stoked.

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