iXS Repair & Ride Tour

As a company that produces and sells high quality mountain biking apparel and equipment, we have a commitment to continuous learning and improvement with regards to environmental consciousness and how we conduct business. Sustainability is one of those commitments.

Sustainability is a product property, a lifestyle, a conviction, and above all, a responsibility. It’s not just about with who and where we source, how we produce, or what we produce with. It's also about how we as riders care for our equipment. That's why we are piloting our Ride & Repair Tour. Our aim is to provide in-person service at upcoming and relevant bike events where we help to repair your iXS gear using the spare-parts we have on hand, at no cost to you for the service or material. By increasing the longevity of your gear's life and use, you help to decrease your consumption and waste.  

Heck, we surely aren't pioneers in this idea or concept- there are loads of other inspiring outdoor, sports and fashion brands who are doing their part to offset the negative impacts that result by conducting business and making stuff. But the point is, if you love what the outdoors has to offer, then you ought to think twice about buying the latest and greatest when you've got perfectly functioning and protective riding gear in the closet. Love and care for what you already have, and you might realize that what you already have is all that you need.

Consume less, repair & ride more.

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