Blinduro Podzim

"The last race of the season took place in Karolínka, a small town on the border with Slovakia in Beskydy mountains. In spite of a very late date, there was a decent attendance, around 400 riders. The weather was top notch opposed to all past autumn races where we experienced numerous mud-fests. This year it was all blue skies and smiles, although the mornings were freezing! The race counted 7 special stages and roughly 60 kilometers and 2,000 meters of climbing during the two days. As it was the last race of the season, the vibes were rather chill and everybody seemed to just enjoy one of the last riding weekends of the year. Nevertheless, a race is a race and we all put down some solid efforts on the track, finishing with quite tight results. Antonín Král, one of the best Czech DH racers, came in third place, losing 13 seconds. František Žilák, a well experienced enduro rider, took second place, only 4 seconds behind me at first.

Now, after a very long yet enjoyable race season I am already planning for next year. Soon, I hope I’ll be able to finalize my vision regarding the events and races in 2022. I believe 2021 was a success and I feel the future is bright!" -Vojtěch Bláha

Photos: P. Procházka

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