iXS Official Apparel & Equipment Sponsor: Freeride Madeira

iXS has become the official apparel and equipment sponsor for Freeride Madeira, a project that started back in 2011 by three friends after experiencing an especially inspiring trip to one of Europe's Mountain Bike Meccas- Port du Soleil. After their travels, the three amigos realized the foundation of potential that Madeira offered in becoming an international hotspot and destination for riding. Combining their passion for both mountain biking and their island with their skills and knowledge about guiding, trail building, and savviness with event and marketing coordination, the three Madeira Musketeers set forth with the creation of the first Bike Holidays company in the highly revered island that is Madeira.

Since then, their mission has been to develop a sustainable trail network around the whole island so that guests can experience spectacular, remote, and divers locations and riding conditions. Organization of events, such as the Transmadeira Enduro race (held twice a year), as well as various film productions, have all played pivotal roles in not only sharing the culture of the sport in their region, but positively sensitizing their government and promoting Madeira as a world class mountain biking destination. We proudly stand behind and support the Freeride Madeira crew who dig, guide and really rip & ride! No better crew to link up with should you chose to travel to this rider's paradise.   

Photo Credit: MADproductions



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