2020 DH UCI World Champs Results

The Finals for the 2020 DH UCI World Champs will "hands down" be one of the most grueling and technically demanding races of DH history, for riders and viewers alike. With the race being held a month later than historically scheduled, the track on Sunday was nothing less of a savage mud bath, challenging riders to merely stay on the saddle and avoid crashing to their demise in the wooded mud pits. Despite less than ideal conditions, and that is a gross understatement, the Commencal Muc-Off Team managed to claim some very respectable wins. Myriam Nicole winning 2nd for the Women's Elite, Remi Thirion claiming 3rd for the Men's Elite and Thibaut Daprela accomplishing 11th in his first Elite World Championships. There is nothing short of commendable respect for these riders who showed up and found their line to the finish. 
Photo Credit: Keno Derleyn 

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